Eugenia Lim - The Ambassador 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

The Eugenia Lim The Ambassador catalogue is a publication released to coincide with The Ambassador, a 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and Museums & Galleries of NSW touring exhibition across Australia between 2019 and 2021. Featuring essay contributions by exhibition curator and 4A Director Mikala Tai and featured interview between curator and writer Natalie King and the artist, The Ambassador catalogue reflects on the work of Eugenia Lim and three distinct works presented in The Ambassador, that centre upon a gold-suited figure who appears halfway between truth and fantasy. In each series, 'Yellow Peril', 'The People's Currency' and 'The Australian Ugliness' Lim transforms herself into her eponymous invented persona, the Ambassador, an insatiable curious character who traverses time and space, playfully exploring Australia’s cultural and built landscapes.

The exhibition marks the first institutional solo exhibition of Eugenia Lim’s work and presents all three bodies of work together for the first time. Together, they represent a compelling and witty examination of contemporary Australia from a female, performative and Asian-Australian perspective. As the Ambassador, Lim ‘shapeshifts’ to unearth multiple dimensions of the Asian-Australian narrative – drilling down into racial politics, the social costs of manufacturing, and the role of architecture in shaping society – exploring how national identities and stereotypes cut, divide and bond our globalised world.

A 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and Museums & Galleries of NSW touring exhibition, this project has been assisted by the Australian Government’s Visions of Australia program. The publication has been made possible with the support of the Gordon Darling Foundation. 


Eugenia Lim - The Ambassador