Chris Yee, TEAM, 2017 4A

TEAM is one of 12 tapestries featured in the exhibition 'Chris Yee: HI MEDUSA!' at the Chinese Garden of Friendship in 2019. The exhibition created a tangible connection between the Chinese-Australian communities of Sydney and provided a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with the history of the Garden through neo-traditional artworks depicting modern and historical Lunar New Year cultural imagery.

Yee’s design work evokes the experiences and narratives of the Chinese diasporic communities of the city expressed through a graphic sensibility that echoes that architectural forms and decorative embellishments of the Chinese Garden of Friendship. Hand woven, the tapestries in this special exhibition, presented by 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, complimented the natural flow of the venue, synthesising a harmonious environment of traditional and contemporary artistic expression.

More details:

100% American made, woven cotton yarn, 152.4 x 127cm.

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Chris Yee, TEAM, 2017